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Ecological footprints within the interior design and hotel industries

With the increasing signs of environmental change more than ever, our collective consciousness shifts toward a sustainable lifestyle. We love to choose ecological ways to live, to spend our vacations and we seek the clever solutions that would allow us to enjoy sparingly natural resources. Within the interior design industry, the seeking for ecological solutions is becoming one of the main focuses, not only for the private homes but also for the commercial interiors. One beautiful area to observe this development is the hotel industry. People cherish today more than ever the healing activity of spending vacations in places isolated by nature, concerning its resources. To reflect this philosophy more ecological hotels are being emerged that demonstrate how to utilize clever eco-friendly interior design solutions.

As there are many examples of how an ecological interior design concept is demonstrated within eco-hotels, we take under loop today the example of Adler Lodge Ritten mountain resort and its approach to environmental friendly bathroom design.  

Adler Lodge Ritten

Italy, South Tyrol, Ritten. – Between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, where breathtaking mountain landscapes meet Italian dolce vita: Here lies South Tyrol, and in the heart of South Tyrol the sun plateau Ritten at an average altitude of 1,000 meters. Sunbeams make their way through the treetops. The forest is bathed in a golden light. All around, the peaks of the Dolomites tower into the sky. Gradually, an opening appears and the view is drifting freely on the ADLER Lodge. Chalets made of black wood and glass blend gently into the landscape. In the bright rooms, colorful prints adorn the walls, wood and natural materials invite you to feel good. Inside and outside nature sets accents here – and satisfies the longing for deep peace and originality.

The new lodge was visualized by Klaus and Andreas Sanoner with architect Hugo Demetz on their side. The Chalets are meant to evoke the African principle of a lodge: spectacular natural spaces, a relaxed coexistence of guests and employees, and architecture that does not rise above the landscape but becomes part of it. Everything within the Adler Lodge reflects the philosophy of feeling merged with and connected to nature – the natural raw materials of the kitchen space, spa cosmetics made of natural local ingredients and the bathroom design concept.  

Alpine Eco-Hotel Adler RittenAlpine Eco-Hotel Adler RittenAlpine Eco-Hotel Adler Ritten

The bathroom plays a significant role in the wellness hotel experience. The bathroom design of Adler Lodges is equipped with GSI Ceramica bathroom products, as GSI reflects the same fundamental values – creating spaces in which the body and mind well-being is the center of attention, as well as, respect for nature that surrounds the structures and eco-sustainability. The Adler Lodge Ritten is equipped with elegant GSI Pura collection bathroom products that are made with Ex­traglaze® ceramic enamel. The unique to GSI Ex­traglaze® prop­er­ties re­flect pos­i­tively on en­vi­ron­men­tal sus­tain­abil­ity thanks to the use of a re­duced amount of de­ter­gent and wa­ter dur­ing the clean­ing rou­tine op­er­a­tions, as well as, being extra resistant to bacteria. 

Bathroom Adler Ritten Alpine Eco-hotelBathroom Design Alpine Hotel Adler Ritten

Just as the architecture of Adler Lodges is merging with its surrounding nature, the bathroom spaces are merging with the bedroom inside the Lodges. 

GSI has many collections that lend themselves to contract environments for their elegant, technological and sustainable traits. Composing the bathroom environment means weaving relationships between intimacy, silence, the interior value of a place and forms, materials, lights and colors. The colour schemes play a significant role in achieving the „connectedness to nature“ feeling for design hotels. One of GSI collections Pura, that you will find in the alpine resorts, comes in beautiful, inspired by nature colours. 

Wellness bathroom

Neutral Grey colour Tortora from GSI Color-Elements

wellness bathroom

Countertop washbasin from Pura collection. Also available in all the Color Elements.

Natural colours for creating a wellness bathroom

Another beautiful example where GSI furnished an Alpine Resort of this kind is Sunny Valley:

Alpine Hotel, Sunny Valley, bathroom designAlpine Hotel, Sunny Valley, bathroom design Alpine Hotel, Sunny Valley, bathroom design Alpine Hotel, Sunny Valley, bathroom design

Lichtenstern 20
39054 Oberbozen.
Località Vallalpe,
23030 Santa Caterina (So)
GSI products are available in Germany through Richter + Frenzel, in Austria through SHT, in Switzerland through Sabag.

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