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Elegant Nordic Apartment in Gray

Choosing gray as a main color scheme for the interior have been a safe choice for many who decorate in Nordic Design or Minimalist International Styles. The gray color palette creates a calming elegant feeling and serves as a perfect backdrop to both monochrome decor details and for color pops.

Hamburg, Germany, Zeughausmarkt 19. Owned by architects, this apartment is a calm refuge in the middle of the busy city, modern, elegant and charming. As I was assigned to photograph this elegant nordic apartment in gray, I found myself as if hypnotized, standing and observing the tranquil atmosphere before I would capture its corners with a camera. One of the interior styles I am most attracted to, is the contrast of old historical houses in North Europe and Scandinavia furnished with a modern minimalist interior. The beautiful decor elements and ornaments on the ceiling and the walls give so much elegance and create even more appealing setting for the modern classic furniture and decor pieces.  What feeling do you get from this interior?