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Travel: Germany’s Largest Island Ruegen in the Pomeranian coast in the Baltic Sea

Rügen Island – the beautiful baltic seaside of Germany / Rügen travel guide

The Island Rügen is the largest Island in Germany. It has 926 square kilometers of beauty of the baltic sea and its 60 Kilometers of fine sand beaches. I always had my camera with me and captured some of the beautiful scenic memories of this island. In this article you can find a small Rügen travel guide about fun activities and vacation ideas on the Island of Rügen.

Ruegen Photography by Valerie Schoeneich

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Cycling – One of the active ways to explore the Island is to rent a bicycle. There are so many designed bicycle routes on Rügen, check your travel guide books, most of them list suggested routes to explore the Island.

Chalk Cliffs – A beautiful lookout point of the ilsand. We walked through the forest of National Park on Jasmund Peninsula and reached the beautiful lookout points of the Island – the „Königstuhl’’ 118 Meters above the sea. No wonder that the romantic painter Casper David Friedrich painted his masterpiece „Chalk Cliffs of Rügen“ in this place.

Sailing – One of the most beautiful ways to experience the Baltic Sea is definitely on a boat. There are many ways like the „Sunset Sailing“ (info here), renting a yacht, tourist sailing tours and many sailing schools on Rügen.

„Rasender Roland“ –  Its the nostalgic way of exploring the island Rügen. It is an historical steam locomotive train allowing us to explore the island like people used to do so 100 years ago.  It rides slowly 30 km/h bringing you the site scening of major island cities like Putbus, Binz & Sellin.

Baltic Sea specialty Sea Buckthorn Berry (In german: Sanddorn). Known for its immune and stamina busting properties (Sanddorn contains 15 times more Vitamin C than an orange), here on the Baltic Sea this ingredient is to be found as a culinary specialty, in spa treatments and in its healthiest form of a pure juice mixed with honey, served hot or cold.

„Strandkorb“- You might noticed the artistic part which these perfectly aligned hooded wicker chairs play in my photos here.  Its almost impossible to find a picture of a German seashore without the Strandkorb. It is quite a part of the German vacation tradition. Many people buy the Strandkorb for their gardens and Balconies to remind them of the beach. What I like about these chairs it fits two people allowing to sit together cuddled and that its protective hood isolates you from the wind, allowing to feel the maximum of the suns warmth.

We stayed in the accommodations of floating homes ( Rügen Wasserwelt“) which contributed to the romantic peace of this vacation. Surrounded by floating houses and yachts, this place reminded me of our honeymoon on Iru Fushi, only without the warm water :). Yes, I wish it was a sunny hot weather and I could jump into water from our floating vacation rental, but I have learned to make the best of the situation instead. Thoughts, books, yoga, walks in the rain & falling asleep to the rocking sound of the parking boats contributed to our vacation atmosphere.

Sometimes less is more.



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IMG_3802 Photography & layout: Valerie Schoeneich

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