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Garden Notes – Our Backyard Story & latest finds in modern garden accessories

There is magic to each season. Each season brings its color palette and invites us for different ways to enjoy our outdoor area. In today’s article I would like to share with you our backyard story in Designsetter Home in the late summer / early autumn. In addition, this article presents our latest finds in modern garden accessories that are both functional and aesthetic, complementing the modern garden decor.

Our Backyard Story.

Often when we choose to build or buy a home, we are looking for architectural and interior elements that reflect our experiences and living preferences. For us, as we moved for the first time a bit out of the urban living that we were used to, it was important to keep some urban elements in the new home. Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen and other big cities often have beautiful backyards. Both me and my husband always found magic in urban apartments facing a backyard – since it gave us a sense of peace in a lively city. As we built our home, we discussed with the architect, that we would love to have a modern backyard. Different from the garden area where we have an outdoor dining table and lawn for the kids to play,  we chose the backyard to be a place of quiet reflections. I oft begin my mornings in the backyard with the tea and agenda planning for the day. In the evening it is the place where we watch the sunset and talk about how our days were. We also love to sit in the evening in front of the fire bowl and just look at the early night sky.

The design for the the backyard is simple – geometric rectangular shape, connecting the wall of the house entry and the garage. Even though our backyard provides a closed structure, it has an opening to the garden area and to the house through a big window which gives a beautiful glimpse of the outdoors to be seen from the house. Whether the rest of the garden has lawn and flower beds, the area of the backyard is mainly covered in gravel. The plants and flowers here, are growing in planters. These both stylistic elements maintain the urban feeling we wanted.

Modern Backyard Designmodern backyard designmodern backyard design

Modern Garden Accessories.

Wenn planning a modern backyard, finding aesthetic gardening necessities and modern garden accessories such a garden hose and watering can, can be quite a challenge. Since our backyard is the place where the main water supply for the garden is located, the garden hose became a central piece, drawing immediate attention when you enter the backyard. Somehow the common garden hose that are available on the market were mainly yellow, green, with stripes or in a similar aesthetic. So we set ourselves on a journey for a garden hose that was actually beautiful….

modern gardening accesories Garden Glory and Blomus

Garden Hose as a Design Object

“Why are gardener’s tools always so dull and ordinary? Who says garden hoses need to be green?”

These thoughts had also  Linda Brattlöf from “Garden Glory” as she decided to design her own garden hose, one of the most stylish ones found on the market these days, in my opinion. The Garden Glory garden hose comes in beautiful colors and a very smooth modern look that not only a great match for the outdoor area of modern houses, it also transforms gardening into a luxurious activity. The Garden Glory hose came packed as a hand bag, which is very feminine and beautiful. After giving it the deserved appreciation, I installed very easily the wall mount from the set by my own. These both features are so appealing to women, since we do want also independently install some things around the house and garden, don’t we? Not only beautiful, this garden hose has an additional well thought function. For large gardens like ours, we would usually need at least a 40 Meter garden hose. Such large garden hose can look quite messy in the garden, lying around like a long snake. As an alternative aesthetic solution, Garden Glory 20 Meter hose can be prolonged with a connected element attaching to the additional 20 Meter hose. This creates a more tidy look and gives an option to use both short and extended garden hose.

design garden hose from Garden Glorydesign garden hose from Garden Glory

modern garden accessories

Ready for gardening in style

The Noble Watering Can

The other gardening tool that comes handy in a backyard is a large watering can. Since most plants in this area grow in a planter, having an exact measured amount of water to take care of them can be quite important. Just like with the garden hose, as I walked into a garden accessories store department I was presented with lots of green plastic watering cans. As our house is built with a reference to the Bauhaus style, I decided to turn to the german design brand Blomus, who recently developed even more into a minimalist, nordic style direction. The shiny 1,5 Liter watering can from Blomus is made out of noble stainless steel, which makes it suitable to stay both indoors and outdoors became our second stylish gardening accessory to fit the modern backyard.

design garden watering can from Blomus

design garden watering can from Blomus

Late Summer Days in the Backyard by the Fire Bowl

fire bowl design

As the summer days transform into the autumn and the backyard color palette starts to change, sitting around the warming fire pit lets us enjoy outdoors even though the evenings are getting colder. Watching the evening sky turing into early night, endeavoring in a calm conversation or a reflection. The sound and warmth of the burning wood from the fire pit are so relaxing. The beautiful patina Fire Pit is handmade is handcrafted by Müllenkontor, a young  charismatic brand based in the Lüneburger Heide, a lovely countryside in Germany.

fire bowl fire bowl

Somehow the last weeks of late summer are very cherished. We know that soon when the weather shows us more gray rainy days, we will spend more time indoors. Hence, savoring the last summer days outdoors in the nature, in our backyards and gardens is so magical. So let’s enjoy the every moment early autumn magic to the fullest.

Styling & Photography (c) Valerie Schoeneich

/*Post in collaboration with mentioned brands. Concept, text, creative direction and imagery in this post are intellectual property of the author and have no influence from the brands or PR agencies./

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