Interior design is not about running after trends, it about creating a place of comfort, a certain atmosphere, a home. Our homes can be a place reflecting our lifestyle and personalities. When we cleverly design our spaces, it can become a place where we feel the most comfortable in. Have you found yourself starring at the current furniture arrangement, at the laying around pieces that need appropriate storage, at the colors of the room and not being able to imagine how this room could look different using what you already have or adding new interior elements? Then its time to hire a designer for an interior consultation to help you.


  1. Consultation to discuss a project’s scope and needs. Tell us about your space, send us pictures and a floor plan and budget. Tell us about the atmosphere you want to achieve.You fill out a style questionary and if you are familiar with Pinterest platform, we create together an online style board which will define the styles you are attracted to.
  2. Interior Concepts. Based on the style analysis we create up to 3 interior concepts for you to choose from.  Then you choose your final concept to go with. In this stage, you get the following:
    • A style board (defining materials, colors and objects).
    • A to-scale floor plan showing where the selected furniture should be placed.
    • A product resource list tailored to your style and budget + available vendors list.
  3. Final consultation. You are not alone with the implementation of your interior concept. Online consultation is available to you at this stage.